Logo Experiment

Using a minimum of two divs, one span, and an h1 tag, create a typographic logo for yourself. Your experiment should include @font-face or utilize google fonts, and thoughtfully considered effects (don’t use an effect simply because it looks cool, it should convey some level of meaning: i.e. it make the mark feel professional, fun, creative, etc.).Bonus: create a browser icon that pairs with your typographic logo.   Logo examples: https://freefrontend.com/css-logos/

Favicons the easy way

  1. Create a 16×16 image. If you want transparency, use the PNG or GIF format.
  2. Convert your image to .ico format using a free service such as favicon.cc.
  3. Upload the new icon to http://mediaweb.rmu.edu/~yourusername/favicon.ico

Review: https://www.dwuser.com/education/content/quick-tip-adding-a-favicon-to-your-website/