Final project options

Choose 2 to complete

Option 1 Carved Form


A short History of Abstract Sculpture 



Using subtractive carving techniques, create a form representative of connection. They size should be no smaller than 2x2x3 inches and no bigger than 4x4x4 inches. The form should utilizes at least 3 textures. You may use plaster or basswood. Before beginning to carve, first sketch 5 to 10 ideas and send them to me for feedback.

Option 2 Appendage

noun: appendage plural noun: appendages 

1) a thing that is added or attached to something larger or more important.


Using a mix of subtractive and additive techniques, create a minimally functional appendage from cardboard, foam and fabric (anything you can find around the house) that can 1) be attached to your body, i.e. arm, leg, head, shoulder, chest or back. 2) be attached to the body using velcro, straps, elastic. Lastly 3) can hold your carved form without adhesive, or can be useful to you during a quarantine or enhance social distancing. Before assembling your appendage,, first sketch 5 to 10 ideas and send them to me for feedback.

Option 3 Fluxus Box




Make your own fluxus box that documents your response and feelings about our current situation. The box should contain found objects, made objects artifacts, notes, and photos. The box may be handmade or found. Plan how someone will view the objects inside the box, are they removed? Are they held in place? Can they only be seen by peering through a hole in the box? Before assembling your Fluxus box,, first create a mind map of what might go into the box then sketch 5 to 10 layouts for the contents of the box then send them to me for feedback.