4D Final

For your final project your task is to create a 4D portrait that is representative of 2020. To create this portrait you may revisit any one or any combination of the 4D explorations we have done this semester: Animated Narrative, Game Design/Play, Video / Performance / Audio, or Light and Space. Or you may explore representing 2020 in the vein of Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase, No2”. In Duchamps’ work he explores movement over time and through space by abstracting each step a body takes down a staircase. Though the painting is static, Duchamp’s exploration is inherently 4D and viewing the work requires imagination to bring the movement back to life. Your abstract exploration of how time looks or feels in 2020’s can be done using drawing, or photography and further manipulated with photoshop and illustrator.


This final project should be something that we can experience remotely via Google Meet. Aside from that requirement, you may use any materials or technology at your disposal, whether at home or on campus. Further you should document each step of your process, sketching, making, and testing through photos and video.


Your process should begin with mind mapping 5 different. Each idea should consider for both content and format. Documentation of your notes and sketches will need to be presented online when we meet Dec. 1st.

Dec. 8th will be studio time and individual meetings for you to continue work on one of your ideas after presenting progress documentation.

Dec. 17th you’ll present the final form and/or documentation of the final form of your portrait for final critique. This will need to be ready and polished for the start of our exam time at 8:30am Thursday morning.

Goals and Objectives

This final project should highlight your understanding of 4D as a time-based and interactive medium. It should showcase a refinement in your ability to: tell a story, engage viewers through play, capture a performance or manipulate light; beyond the skills shown in previous projects.

Nude Descending a Staircase, No 2 by Marcel Duchamp