ARTM2220: Augmented Reality

Propose an augmented reality application for a mobile device that runs on iOS or Andriod or an AR experience that uses a proprietary device, such as glasses, a mirror or heads up display. This new app/experiance should fulfill the need of either a consumer or professional in one of the following locations: A City of your choice, Museum (art, science, etc.), Zoo, Amusement Park, Home, School or Office.

Begin by brainstorming an idea, then answer these questions:

  • What problem does your app solve?
  • What products have you seen that perform a similar task?
  • How do successful apps present information to users?
  • How can you build on what works and make it unique?
  • What value does your app bring to your audience?

Once you have answered the above questions and written your short proposal create 3 user scenarios for your application, a digital mockup and UI design comps.

Final presentation packet must include:

  • The above questions answered
  • 3 User Profiles
  • Interview Questions
  • Evidence of your Research
  • Sketches & Mind Maps
  • 3 User Flow Diagrams 
  • Final Design Comps 


How will your app utilize smart phone features like, GPS, Camera, Data Plan/WiFi, Gestures.

Your app should follow the UI design specs for your chosen platform.


A few interesting AR projects