ARTM2210 Intro to Web Design: Assignments

Projects 50%

There will be 3 projects assigned through out the semester. Collectively they account for 50% of your final grade. Projects are due at the beginning of the class period for which the critique is assigned. Late Projects will be marked down a letter grade for every week its late, projects that are two weeks late receive an automatic F.

  • Syllabus formatting 5%
  • 10 Haiku 10%
  • Single Page Site 15%
  • Final Project 20%

Your projects will be graded on four elements: process, aesthetics, programming, and concept.

Homepage 5%

Your homepage will account for 10% of your final grade. I expect to see it evolve throughout the semester as you learn new coding techniques. To earn a C, I should see a minimum of 3 major updates and/or layout modifications to your homepage, for an A I should see 6 or more.

Site Reviews 20%

Every month you must post a review of a website on a topic of my choosing. These topics will be posted on the class blog a two weeks before they are due. A few rules to follow, all reviews must be at least 200 words, written using professional language (you are not writing an email or posting this on a friend’s wall), describe what works and/or doesn’t work about the site: focus on how design principles and elements are utilized, how much the site makes you think and what improvements you might make. Lastly these must be posted to the class blog before the start of class the day they are due, if any one of these conditions are not met the review will receive an F. Reviews will not be accepted late. These will be graded on a scale from 1 to 5.