4D Game Design / Play Experience

Rules can create a Magic Circle that allows players to step into an alternate reality. The goal for this next assignment is for you to create an alternate reality that we can step into and test for playability.

Your rule set must include what (1) materials everyone needs to play (these can be supplies we have in the classroom, or tokens you make yourself). (2) How to play (what do we do with the materials). (3) Clearly state the outcome of the experiences (i.e. something is created like in a surrealist game, or someone wins like in Flux, etc.). Further, this experience must take into consideration our current environment and the implicit rules for social distancing, masks, etc.. With that in mind, your experiences can be for between 1 and 4 players. You may utilize the spaces outside, or define how players interact inside, or you may even utilize technology in a playful way.


This project will follow the create (write rules and make materials) > test > iterate and refine (edit rules and improve materials) > test repeate process loop, so each week we should be able to test a new iteration of your play experience.


The project will be graded on your concept, clarity of rules, iterative process / testing, and playability / re-playablity.