ARTM Intro to Web Design: Homepage Requirements

Your homepage will account for 10% of your final grade. I expect to see it evolve throughout the semester as you learn new coding techniques. To earn a C, I should see a minimum of 3 major updates and/or layout modifications to your homepage, for an A I should see 6 or more.

Version one should include:

  • The basic html learned during week 1.
  • A page title
  • Your name
  • Major and year
  • Email address
  • Short bio – 150 words that describe your career aspirations and goals
  • An unordered list of 3 artistic/design related influences
  • A ordered list of your top 5 most visited websites
  • The above items should use appropriate HTML tags
  • Save it as index.html
  • Due Class 2

Version two should include:

  • Edited bio for spelling and grammar
  • Added links to your email address and influences and top 5 sites
  • Added a link to the Syllabus project
  • Added a photo of yourself
  • Added CSS to style backgrounds, colors, margins and the fonts of the HTML tags you have already used.
  • Due Class 3

Version three should include:

  • The use of div tags, ID’s and classes to revise the layout
  • Added links to the Haiku project
  • Due Class 6

Version four through six should include:

  • Added link to the single page site project
  • Added link to the final project
  • Any additional images you wish to include
  • Substantial changes to the layout, i.e. CSS
  • Appropriate changes to the HTML
  • There is no due date for these, upload them as you do them, emailing me with each new version.