3 Part Animated Story: Part 2

The Middle:

Your second set of animations should reveal the conflict that your characters must overcome through the use of an infinitely looping zoetrope animation.


Pick up your storyboards from where you left them off last week. However, this section must end the same way it begins, this will give us our infinite loop. You’ll use keyframes again, but this time when you create your animation your frames will be side by side and utilize only 12 frames per loop. To provide enough context you should create a minimum of 3 loops, but you can do more if the story requires them.

For inspiration:


Part 2 will be graded on the following for criteria:

  • Quality & Line consistency
  • Process – This will include your storyboards, and visible effort put into the animation
  • Concept – this will consider how effectively you use the Loop/ and continue to develop your Story
  • Animation – this will focus on how smooth the elements move