Project 1: 2D to 3D

The extrapolation of drawn line into a wire construction in space. 

Assignment: Analysis of a natural form, including skin, structure, mass, numbering systems in organic growth. Exploration of skin and the explanation of a spherical form into a 2D plane.

Part 1: 2D

Through multiple contour line drawings, document the provided fruit from at least 3 sides. Sketch the fruit’s exterior and interior structures.

Part 2: 3D

Translate your contour line drawings into a wire sculpture. The new 3D form should be considerate of viewing angle and reinterpret the exterior and interior of the original fruit.


  1. Encourage conceptual thinking through process applied to spatial problem-solving
  2. Support the development of three-dimensional compositional skills through form making
  3. Develop skills of visual analysis based upon the exploration of a single natural form
  4. Instill the importance of drawing and making, as research and recording devices
  5. An understanding of the relationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional form
  6. Understand contextual relevance of objects of forms and objects in the spaces they may occupy
  7. Continuously improve craft and technical drawing skills 


  1. Understand the links between 2D images, 3D forms
  2. Demonstrate the ability to visualize a natural three-dimensional form through cross contour drawing and then to translate that drawing into a new 3D form using man-made materials 
  3. Execute visual composition solutions that consider all visible vantage points
  4. Utilize visual analysis and hand-craft to construct and refine a 3D form 
  5. Display an understanding of spatial composition
  6. Assimilation of critiquing skills

Required Materials: