ARTM2210: Review 1

Read: Don’t Make Me Think: Pages 10-29

Post your first review to the blog before the beginning of our next class.

Guidelines: first choose a large eCommerce site like ThinkGeek, PumaFab, newegg etc, then search for a product you are interested in and place it in the site’s shopping cart. Because it takes a great deal of planning to create something that takes little or no thought to use reflect on how much the site made you think about this process. Refer to the reading and discuss how the site either makes it easy or not to find and buy a product you are interested in.

Examples of quality reviews:

Remember the four reviews you must turn in this semester account for 20% of your grade.

You must post four reviews of a website on topics of my choosing. These topics will be posted on the class blog two classes before they are due. A few rules to follow, all reviews must be at least 200 words, written using professional language (you are not writing an email or posting this on a friend’s wall) and describe what works and/or doesn’t work about the site: focus on how design principles and elements are utilized, how much the site makes you think and what improvements you might make. Lastly these must be posted to the class blog before the start of class the day they are due, if any one of these conditions are not met the review will receive an F. Reviews will not be accepted late. These will be graded on a scale from 1 to 5.

  1. Review is handed in on time and is on topic.
  2. Review meets the above criteria and describes the site
  3. Review meets the above criteria and shows critical analysis
  4. Review meets the above criteria and cites the current and previous readings
  5. Review meets the above criteria and crafts a excellent argument