ARTM2220: Wearables

For this project you are to interview 3 of your classmates. Take time to get to know their interests, hobbies, style, design influences, etc.

Based on information gathered from your research you will then design a wearable piece of technology that reflects a common thread between  your classmate’s, interests and what you think they would use. Consider the wearable you design to be a reflection of the classmates you’ve interviewed, we should be able to look at your design and based on your user profiles of each designer know that it could work for each of them.

Focus on what features the wearable should have to best reflect the user’s needs. Pay special attention to the interface and materials to reflect style. Keep in mind this is not necessarily a smart device, but a device that is designed for to be useful for individual users.


  • Interview Questions
  • User Profiles: these should include basic demographic info, interests and at least 2 quotes from your interviews.
  • Documentation of research/ interviews
  • Mind Maps
  • Rough Sketches
  • Material samples/ images
  • Illustrations of the wearable and its interface
  • User Flow Diagram 
  • A physical/Paper Prototype: this is a conceptual prototype don’t worry about the technology needed to make it work like we did for the first project
  • Final presentation: should include all of the above as well as a description of your wearable, formatted into a single document. (Keynote, Powerpoint, Google Slides or PDF). Bring print outs of bolded items above for the final critique.

Resources for interviewing people for design


Kate Hartman: