ARTM2220 Designing for New Media: Schedule

Block 1 Elements of the user experience

Week 1 – Introduction to New media – 8/27

Read: Elements of the User Experience
From the reading you should be able to answer the following:

  • What are the goals of Apple’s website? How does Apple’s website address the needs of a user who has just purchased their first MacBook? (Chapter 3)
  • What are the functional specifications of Facebook’s wall? If you are not on Facebook what are the specs for the signup page? (Chapter 4: Functional Specifications, Content Requirements an Prioritizing Requirements)
  • What are four architectural approaches to information structure? Find one example of each. (Chapter 5: Information Architecture)
  • What percentage of The Huffington Post index page is navigation, and what percentage is content? What about Google, Wikipedia, and Etsy? (Chapter 6)
  • How does guide the readers’ eyes and focus their attention on what is important? (Chapter 7: Follow the eye )

Week 2 – Discuss The Elements – 9/3

In-class: Wrap up New Product

Homework: Project 1: Benchmark 1 – Propose a strategy, and scope for a your New Product. Specific requirements will be posted online.

Week 3 – Individual meetings to discuss Proposal & Benchmark 2 – 9/10

Due: Part 1
Lecture: Prototyping
Bring Sketchbooks and drawing materials
Homework: Project 1: part 2 – Create a structure and skeleton for your app then a paper prototype for user testing. Specific requirements will be posted online.

Week 4 – User Testing of Benchmark 2 – 9/17

Due: Part 2 Wire-frames & paper prototype.
Homework: Project 1: part 3 – see details posted under projects.

Week 5 – Critique 9/24

Due: Part 3
Read: Thoughts on Interaction Design: Chapters 1 & 2

From the reading you should be able to discuss:

  • What makes up interaction design and what are some of the industry’s challenges?
  • What is interaction design, how its evolving. What fields does it draw knowledge from?

Post your thoughts to the blog.

Handout: Observation. For three weeks, simply observe how people interact with their environment and everyday object. Take a minimum of 75 photos noting what you see and identify the type of interaction: reaction, co-opting, exploiting, adapting, conforming or signaling. From your collection of notes and photos produce a simple website to share your observations.

Block 2 Augmented Reality

Week 6 – Understanding Interaction Design – 10/1

Discuss: Chapters 1 & 2
Watch: Objectified
Watch: Black Mirror
Homework: Read Thoughts on Interaction Design: Chapters 3, 4 & 5
Handout: Project 2: Augmented Reality

From the reading you should be able to discuss:

  • What information can ethnographic tools give you to improve the interactivity of an online banking website? (pp. 48-54)
  • At what point is a design finished? What makes it a success? What is its purpose? (pp. 54-62)
  • Identify a product family you use regularly (can be anything from technology to consumables except for coffee). How has its branding affected your use, relationship and experience with the product? (pp. 78-84)

Post your thoughts to the blog.

Week 7 – Connecting People, Emotions and Technology –10/8

Physical Prototyping Demo
Discuss Chapters 3-5
Read: Thoughts on Interaction Design: Chapter 6 – post response.

Week 8 – Getting to know who you are designing for – 10/15

How to interview: Guest Lecture by Leslie Koren
Due: Observation booklet

Week 9 –  Work week and Individual meetings – 10/22

Week 10 Present Project 2: Augmented Reality – 10/29

Block 3 Wearables

Week 11 – Wearables – 11/5

Watch: Terms and Conditions May Apply
Handout Final Project
: Specific requirements will be posted online.

Week 12 – Work Week and individual meetings – 11/12

Due: Draft 1 of your Augmented Reality proposal: this should include a strategy, scope, user profiles and a process flow diagram.

Week 13 – Work Week and individual meetings – 11/19

Week 14 – Final Exam & Working Critique – 12/3

Week 15 – Final Projects Due – 12/9  1:00am to 1:o0pm