Week 1 HTML Basics

Hypertext Markup Language is for organizing and defining content. Tags are placed around content to describe what it is and its level of importance.

<html> (this must enclose all other tags)

<head> (stuff in the head is generally unseen by the user, and contains elements that enhance stuff displayed within the body)

     <title>Page Title</title> (shows up at the top of a browser window, in search results and is used for bookmarks)


     <body> (anything you wish to be visible within a web browser must be placed within the body tag)

          <h1>a big heading</h1> (note: h tags are the only elements that use a number, h1- h6, the appearance of each gets progressively smaller)

          <p>a paragraph </p> 

          <ul> (a list note: ul an unordered list will appear with bullets, ol an ordered list will appear with numbers)

               <li>a list item</li> (note: li tags will always be nested within a ul or ol element)




File transfer protocol is used for uploading site files to a web server. On media arts computers you will find an application called Fetch, use it to log into the server and upload your files, from your home computer you may use Fetch or Cyberduck. All assignments must be uploaded to your account to receive credit. Download and follow the instructions for using FetchWithSSHKeys or CyberduckWithSSHKeys. You should have been emailed a SSHKey, if you haven’t yet received yours email me immediately.

Create a single HTML page, this will be your homepage* for the semester and where you will post links to all of your other exercises and projects. For now it must include the following:

  • A page title
  • Your name
  • Major and year
  • Email address
  • Short bio – 150 words that describe your career aspirations and goals
  • An unordered list of 3 artistic/design related influences
  • A ordered list of your top 5 most visited websites
  • The above items should use appropriate HTML tags
  • Save it as index.html
  • Upload to the server using Fetch or Cyberduck and be sure to put your files in the Public_HTML folder
  • Email me a link to your homepage before the start of our next class

* Keep in mind once this is posted to the server it is publicly available for the world to see.