3 minutes

Combining Video, Audio and Performance can take viewers into absurd worlds, reveal truths or provide an escape. Video and Audio are records of time, they bring back moments from the past. Performance allow us to tell a story, disrupt, and engage with the audience,

For this assignment you must plan and execute a performance based on or as an homage to the film “The Perfect Human.” The performance must be filmed and then edited with found and remixed audio to create your own 3 minute obstruction.


First rewatch:

Storyboard and stage a performance based on “The Perfect Human.” Your performance can involve or be done in front of an audience or be done without one. You may also do the performance yourself, or recruit a performer(s), but you must maintain safe social distancing if working with others. You must use natural or available lighting during your performance, no special lighting may be used.

Your performance must be captured using only a smart phone or tablet. If you are doing the performance you may set up a tripod, recruit a camera person, or shoot it as if its’ a selfie and hold the phone the entire time. Audio should be captured during the performance.

New Audio can be recorded and remixed using Garage Band.

The video of the performance should finally be edited down to 3 minutes and mixed together with the audio using iMovie on your phone or tablet. If you don’t have iMovie or Garage Band on your phone you may use those applications on the computers in the homework lab.


Additional inspiration:

Dogma – 95 film movement: https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/dogme-95-rules-manifesto-films/

SAG covid-19 guidelines: https://www.sagaftra.org/‘-safe-way-forward’-joint-report-dga-sag-aftra-iatse-and-teamsters-covid-19-safety-guidelines