ARTM2220 Designing for New Media


Through lectures, discussions, and critical analysis of contemporary media, students will develop a foundation in designing for current and emerging technology. Coursework includes the creation of a fully developed interface design proposal. In a seminar setting, students will build upon knowledge gained in Introduction to Web Design by studying usability, accessibility, site planning, cross-platform design, and principles of interactivity.


The student will (1) develop proposals for websites, mobile apps and other interactive devices; (2) demonstrate an ability to present and communicate ideas, use basic web and interactive design vocabulary, create paper & digital prototypes; and (3) think critically about design aesthetics, functionality, user interaction, accessibility.

Required Materials

  • Sketchbook & drawing materials
  • Thumb-drive that is at least 8 gigs
  • Elements of the User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web
    Jesse James Garrett
  • Thoughts on Interaction Design
    Jon Kolko


Each week will begin with a short lecture or discussion of readings, then we’ll transition into a studio activity or user testing.

Long Term Projects 50%

There will be three long term projects assigned throughout the semester. These projects will unfold over a number of weeks, benchmarks will be established for each, so any benchmark that is not met will automatically drop that projects grade 10%. Detailed requirements will be posted to the class blog and handed out in class. Collectively these projects account for 50% of your final grade. Projects are due at the beginning of the class period for which the critique is assigned.

  • A Better Morning Proposal & Presentation 10%
  • Wearable device Proposal & Presentation 15%
  • Augmented Reality app Proposal & Presentation 25%

Short Term Projects 15%

There will be three short term projects that will either be completed in-class or over no more than two weeks. Missing short term project days, or failing to turn them in on time will result in a 0 for that project. Detailed requirements will be posted to the class blog and handed out in class. Collectively these projects account for 15% of your final grade.

  • Reading Responses 5%
  • Observation documentation & presentation 5%
  • App Review or “Objectified” Response 5%

Critique and Participation 15%

Critiques play a crucial role in graphic design practice. Group and individual meetings take place through out the semester. Students encounter numerous situations where it becomes necessary to evaluate, work and rework projects in order to achieve the highest possible standards. Verbal and written skills are important, students are required to explain and write about their design decisions in front of the instructor, clients, and peers.

Unless otherwise specified, each project will be turned in by uploading to the class blog. All projects, presentations and reading responses are due at the beginning of the class for which the critique is assigned.

Critiques and online discussions, will become helpful tools only through your participation. Participation in class will count for 10% of your final grade.

Final Exam 20%

The final exam will be based on the materials covered in class and in the required books.