ARTM4210 Experiment Zoetrope

Download the zoetrope template, using 10 frames to do a simple motion study animation. These can be either hand drawn or created using Adobe Illustrator. Once complete post a photograph or pdf of your Zoetrope to the class blog.

Zoetrope (180 AD; 1834)

One of the earliest devices for viewing and interacting with animation is the Zoetrope.
Invented in 180ad in china by Ting Huan and called The Pipe Which Makes Fantasies Appear.

Modern Zoetropes were invented in 1834 by the British mathematician William George Horner. He called his a Daedalum “the wheel of the devil.” It was an American inventor named William F. Lincon that called it a Zeotrope which means “wheel of life.”

Contemporary 3D Zoetropes from Studio Gibli and Pixar