ARTM3220 Interaction Design: Two Day Interface

Objects influence our interactions, and their shapes define and inform our use. Physical interfaces can also shape behavior, or help users accomplish an otherwise difficult task. For this project, your goal is to create an interface for an existing piece of software, that typically uses a keyboard and mouse but could be enhanced, made more intuitive or even just more fun through found objects and materials.


In groups of 3 or 4, create a physical interface for a single piece of existing software. Improve prototyping skills. Enhance idea generation and implication within a short amount of time. Implement basic electronic skills like wiring switches with gator clips and breadboards. Utilize a pre-programmed micro-controller.

Project Requirements

  • Work in groups of 3 or 4
  • Keep a Work Log
    • Time Sheet
    • Sketches, Mind maps, etc.
    • Research your chosen software and its inputs and outputs
    • Document your own interactions
  • One functional interface created using a Makey Makey



Kalla from Pierre-Félix So on Vimeo.