ARTM3220 Interaction Design: Meaningful Objects

From toys, to game controllers and ATMs to exhibition displays, objects allow us to interact with our physical and digital worlds. These interfaces make the intangible tangible by giving users feedback and shaping the meaning of analog and digital interactions.


  • Create an interactive object that enhances the real world or a digital one.
  • Improve prototyping skills and enhance object making techniques.
  • Continue to practice user research and testing.
  • Implement basic electronic skills like soldering and wiring switches.
  • Utilize a micro-controller or, micro-processor and explore various approaches to programming them.

Controller Requirements

  • Uniqueness:    It must not already exist, or must be highly modified;
  • Interaction:    It must be good for interactive display, or function on its own;
  • Reality:     It could be constructed of off-the-shelf parts, including other controllers;
  • Durability:     It must last during the opening reception of the gold show, senior showcase or other exhibition;

Project Requirements

  • Work Log
    • Time Sheet
    • Sketches, Mind maps, etc.
    • Research your chosen game or app and its inputs and outputs
    • Document your own interactions
  • Prototypes
    • create 2 maquettes – be creative with the materials that give your interface form
    • one working prototype – this may be done with Makey Makey, or by modifying an existing device through hardware hacking, or using arduino or raspberry pi
  • Presentations
    • Progress reports with sketches and prototypes
  • Documentation that highlights all of the above into a single document (i.e. website, screen sized pdf, printed booklet)