ARTM3220 Interaction Design: Digitally Enhanced


  • Create a physical object or choose a physical location to be enhanced through Augmented Reality.
  • Improve prototyping skills and enhance object making and 3d modeling/ animation techniques.
  • Continue to practice user research and testing.
  • Implement basic AR development skills.
  • Utilize Unity, Zappar, or Lightform


  • Uniqueness:    It must not already exist;
  • Interaction:    It must be good for a single object, location or set of symbols;
  • Reality:     It could be constructed of off-the-shelf materials;
  • Platform:     It must work via the web or mobile device;
  • Durability:     It must last during the opening reception of the gold show, senior showcase, or hallway display;


  • Work Log
    • Time Sheet
    • Sketches, Mind maps, etc.
    • Research your chosen object or space
    • Document your own interactions
  • Prototypes
    • create 2 maquettes – be creative with the materials that give your objects and digital enhancements form
    • one working prototype – this may be done utilizing paper prototyping techniques, or a combination of paper prototypes and digital experiments with Unity, WebAR or Zappar
  • Presentations
    • Progress reports with sketches and prototypes
  • Documentation that highlights all of the above into a single document (i.e. website, screen sized pdf, printed booklet)


  • Elements 4D
  • 1600
  • Ink Hunter
  • Anatomy 4D
  • Ikea Catalog