Project 2: Zen Garden

Project 2: CSS Zen Garden 2.0  typography, line, texture and color, create a responsive layout that fits on a smart phone or tablet, and a laptop/desktop.

This Zen Garden should be representative of either: life and death, order and chaos, or beginnings and endings.

Utilize Media Queries, Fluid Grids and EMs give your Zen Garden two different layouts representing the set of concepts. One that adapts to a Smartphone (between 848×320 and 940×640) or a Tablet (between 1024×600 and 1280×800) and one that adapts to Laptop/desktop (1280×800 and higher) screens. For the mobile devices keep in mind that they can be viewed horizontally or vertically. See a comprehensive list of smartphone and tablet resolutions.

Refer to The Zen of CSS Design, Chapters 2 & 3 for tips on design as well as css tricks using Floats and Relative positioning.