Week 2

Review the reading and answer the following questions:

  • What did the standards of the w3c provide?
  • What are some general guidelines for great markup?
  • What are the benefits of standards?

Review design principles:

  • typography – choose faces and sizes that that fits the hierarchy, pattern and rhythm of your design
  • iconography – simplified symbols
  • line – these can define areas within a page and create boundaries – they also create movement
  • spacing – consider both positive and negative space – designs should be able to breath
  • unity – take into account all visual elements equally – organizing like items
  • consistency – variety is important but clean design needs an overall tone of consistency – through shape, color and spacing
  • shape – like color shapes have a psychological effect
  • color influence – utilize psychological associations – these can be influenced by culture, and even gender
  • pattern – the use of repeating elements – helps create unity
  • texture – visual representation of texture – we can picture how something feels – its similar to pattern although more organic
  • contrast – helps to distinguish between various elements
  • lead the eye – guide the reader through the contents important bits – the design must have a visual flow