What makes a good game?

There are many things that make a good game. The first and arguably the most important thing is that the rules must be clear and understandable. Players should be able to get a clear understanding on how to start the game, proceed through it, and win. The mechanics of the game are also important. A good game has mechanics that are easy to understand and execute, unique mechanics also can make for a fun game. A game should also have some kind of narrative or goal to draw the person in and make them want to play or continue playing. Finally a game should be fun or enjoyable for the person playing it. Not all games are perfect and some execute these things better than others *cough* *cough* Monopoly but even games that can be frustrating have an appeal that draw us back. Some people also just like to win.

What makes a good game

What makes a game good can vary from game to game. However, a few things go into making any game good. Clear, understandable rules are required to make a game good. If the rules don’t make sense or aren’t clearly communicated, the game can’t function properly. Also, the mechanics must reflect the metaphor and vice versa. A game with mechanics for fighting enemies wouldn’t work as a game about doctors curing a disease.

Some may say that a game must be fun to be good. However, even disregarding the subjectivity of what is fun, not all games must be fun. Depending on the game’s message, a game might be fun or not. Some more experimental games use lack of fun to great effect.

What makes a good game?

A good game is made up of players, easy to understand rules, a theme and a comfortable space to play it in. It engages the players to want to come back and play it again. The game and bring about different emotions. It can be funny, serious, difficult, stressful, or exciting. It can be based on luck or strategy but the key element of a good game is engagement. Are players bought into the theme of the game and understanding the rules or are they distracted and confused? The games I keep going back to keep my engagement and allow me to interact with others while I play.

What makes a good game?-Game Design

There are several things that make a game a good game. What a good game is that it has good mechanics. If the rules of the game are complicated a lot of people would not want to play. Having rules and metaphors that are easy to understand makes the game a lot more playable for people. A good game should have an easy learning curve. If a game is too hard to learn then people who have not played the game before would not want to play. If there is a storyline then the story has to be clear and not worded vaguely so people know what they are playing. A good game also has pleasing visuals and easy-to-use pieces. A good game should also have an instruction guide that has precise wording and visuals to explain how the game works to people who are playing the game for the first time. Visuals in the instruction guide are helpful along with examples. A good game should also be able to be replayed multiple times. If a game cannot be replayed multiple times then there is no longer any use or fun to that game. It’s like a used tissue. A good game should also be easily explained to another person even if it’s a complex game. For example, if there are different is a storyline that has characters with differing levels of power and scenarios and enemies the game could be explained as a fantasy roleplaying game that includes the usage of spells and other cards to win. A game should be enjoyable and it should also be playable no matter what experience of gameplay a person may have.

What makes a good game?

I think a good game is one that makes you think a little bit and allows you to come up with different strategies to win. I think that it’s important that you can be competitive while playing a game, but that it doesn’t get too serious where it ends up in a bunch of arguments. I think a good game is one where you just have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. A storyline to a game isn’t necessary, but it can add another level to a game which can add to the overall experience.