5 Game Ideas – Collecting

Midnight Snack

Midnight Snack is a competitive card game in which players must collect as much food from the kitchen as possible without waking mom. Players take turns drawing and playing cards. If you wake mom you’re out.

Night Bandits 

Night Bandits is a competitive board game in which raccoons must steal as much stuff from the neighborhood as possible without getting caught. The raccoon who collects the most things wins.

Attic Panic

Attic Panic is a competitive card game in which grandchildren must collect all of the items grandma asks for from her attic. Players take turns discarding, drawing, and playing cards. The first person to find all of the items wins the round.

Dragon’s Den

Dragon’s Den is a competitive board game in which knights must steal as much treasure as possible from the sleeping dragon. The knight that brings back the most treasure wins. Players take turns rolling the dice, moving pieces, drawing cards. 


Splat is a competitive team board game in which teams compete against each other to collect the most territory. The teams take turns laying traps and making moves to make spots on the board their team color. This is a paintball warfare type of game.

5 Game Ideas – Lost


Forest is a collaborative survival board game in which a group of teens must work together to escape the woods while being chased by a murderer. Players take turns drawing and playing cards to hopefully make it out of the woods alive.

Ski Trip

Ski Trip is a collaborative board game where after a skiing accident players must safely make it down the mountain while combating the harsh elements. Players take turns moving pieces and playing cards to survive the nights. WIll you make it to the bottom of the mountain?


Tunnels is a competitive board game in which players must be the first one to reach the end of the tunnel. Players must play cards to move forward or stop other players from reaching the goal.

Zero G

Zero G is a collaborative board game in which a group of astronauts are lost in space. Players must work together to complete tasks and safely make it back to earth.


Daydream is a competitive card game in which players must navigate their way through their own imaginations. Players can sabotage other players or get rid of their own cards. First person to get rid of all of their daydreams first wins.

Tsuro review

Tsuro is a game where players have 3 tiles in their hand at all times and play the tiles in order to move their pawn, however, if you run into someone else or your tile leads you to the end of the board, you are killed and the remaining players continue to battle it out.

collection game ideas

1. Chef’s Kiss is a game where each player picks 3 cards from the recipe deck, which will become their goal for the rest of the game. Each recipe card has listed ingredients to make the dish. The game board is set up similarly to Life, where you travel the board and try to land on grocery stores that sell the ingredients you’re looking for. First to have all the ingredients to their 3 recipes win.
2. This virtual reality based game uses the camera on your phone to show you objects to hunt for. On the phone are displayed hints of where these objects are hidden. Once all the objects have been collected, you then move on to the next level.
3. Six or more players are needed for this game. Players start the game with $3500 in game dollars. These initial dollars are used to bid on the 365 days of the year. The goal is to collect the most days of the year. After each day is bought, these players “own” their days and create rules and celebrations for each day that all players must follow. Collect the most days of the year to have an advantage and win the game!
4. This is a card game where one player lays a card down, and if this card is a club, the player who drew it takes the card. If the card flipped is not a club, then nothing happens and the turn is over. When the next club is drawn, that player takes every card below the club, as well as the club. Once the deck is gone, whoever has the most cards win.
5. This is a two player game where you split half the deck between each player. There are then 4 chips that represent each ace in the decks. Each turn, the players flip a card from their own deck and the higher card takes both cards flipped. This is continued until an ace is flipped. When an ace is flipped, that player takes a chip. The goal is to collect all 4 aces.